Thursday, February 16, 2012


I was talking on the phone to young lady who told me that she was "stuck in life". One of her questions during the very long conversation about some fairly deep subject was then "WHY TRY?" Well WHY NOT TRY? I mean really it is better than sitting around feeling sorry for yourself because all the things that you want in your life are not landing in your lap.... gently.... oh yes not only do we want life on silver plater we want it set down gently.

How did it get to be this way? Where is the adventure in that? Where is the steady push forward that makes your body ache and your mind tired? I think people don't like to feel stupid. I mean really to try something new, to change we are going to feel stupid.

I know I feel stupid in my latest adventure of learning to roller derby at 49 years old. I also feel alive, bruised and tired... a lot. Things have not yet started to click yet and I am guessing it will take some more time yet. I have to ask women half my age stupid questions that I should know the answers to.

The truth is I have found a lot of answers in life for many things and if I let my ego get in the way that might be the end of being able to learn anything more. That is like getting "stuck in your own head". This is what I think she meant when she said she was "stuck in life". I mean to me stuck in life is not having the ability to die yay!! Stick me in life anytime. I want to be stuck rooted and growing there. Life is where it is happening even when I am learning new things and feeling really stupid.

WHY TRY:  because that is what you do when your not dying you are trying to do something in life. So do something that you have always wanted to try that would push you to your limits and make you go somewhere where you know little to nothing so you can keep staying teachable and learn something new. Maybe you'll learn from someone half your age or may just maybe the one that is twice yours!

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